WWE needs to take some quick steps


Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens stroll into two of the hardest matches of their professions this weekend as Y2J tackles The Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose and Owens at the end of the day confronts a natural opponent in Sami Zayn.

These will be mind blowing tests for both men, yet they could without much of a stretch choose to bail each other out. Maybe coincidentally or as though it was the arrangement from the start, Owens and Jericho have ended up on the same side of this fight they have with Zayn and Ambrose and the WWE Universe are beginning to make the most of their science.


Neither Jericho nor Owens have any companions in WWE, and there is a motivation behind why, neither can really be trusted, however maybe they could strike an association that could be commonly advantageous.

It is a sworn off conclusion that Jericho versus Ambrose and Zayn versus Owens will both be sent to a rematch at Extreme Rules where a stipulation will be added to the match to discharge some additional energy, so Jericho and Owens could truth be told be cooperating for some time.

Both men are unfathomable on the mic and say whatever they are deduction to both fans and different individuals from the WWE program. Fans are such enormous aficionados of WWE blending them together that they have as of now started considering adorable epithets for their approaching label group with JerichKO being the present top pick.

No names will ever top WWE’s Y2AJ and that partnership finished as fast as it started, so if these two are set together, they will both should be on their toes all through.


Could WWE have been wanting to assemble every one of them along? Alternately has it recently been extraordinarily lucky for the organization that the twosome have such unimaginable science that the fans can’t get enough of it?

There are recordings right now circling around Social Media of Jericho and Owens backstage and Owens pursuing into Jericho’s arms their match a week ago on Smackdown. Both men appear to be upbeat working with each other so WWE ought to simply permit them to experiment with collaborating for some time.

These two whizzes are to engrossing for WWE to not permit them no less than a couple of weeks of teaming together.