Food and Travelling are part of life


Travelling and Food

Travelling and good food are important as known to everyone, They have countless benefits. Fun, love, understanding building, see new places, creating unforgettable memories, knowing new cultures, health and many many more.

Health in my opinion can be maintain by two way by travelling and by good food. But today by food I mean cuisine of some place where you want to go. Knowing culture norms of some place is the major advantage of travelling.

South Asian has a special cuisine. They likes spices. There foods have specialty of adding homemade spices.

Italian and most European cuisines uses cheeses. Every country has special and unique way of using things while preparing some best foods.

Roasted SNAILS are best in an Alsacian village. Sometime they are so good that some would finished the whole thing in a minute.

The quality of Caucasus kebab is outstanding. You can always see the cattle freely roaming the grass outside in Armenia.


Ah, the colors of Costa Rican food! This is an amazing fish fillet bungeeing in Monte Verde.

This alone is worth the visit to Japan. It’s a thousand times better than the crap sold cheaply in most Western places.


Here what I am concluding is that Travelling and touring has a great advantage of knowing different foods cooked in most part of the world.