Top five players at Chelsea this season


While there’s not been much to scream and yell about at Stamford Bridge this season, it’s not been all fate and despair for Chelsea. In spite of many of their star players tumbling in 2015-16, a small accomplice of the squad have endured to battle away in adversity.

Besides, the situation is far from as desperate as that of Aston Villa whom have even scrapped their annual awards function in light of their demoralizing relegation. Chelsea in any case, can look to a few players who have pulled their weight and should be lauded.

Here are five players that the Blues ought to consider their five finest entertainers this season and ought to serve as inspiration that 2016-17 could see an arrival to frame:


Willian and Diego Costa.

In spite of an early season keep running of structure that saw only three league goals before Christmas and a plethora of controversial occurrences, Costa’s exertion has never waned. You can’t exactly leave out the club’s top scorer this season after all.

For all his faults, the Spaniard is a lethal goal scorer. With 14 strikes in all rivalries this campaign, the 27-year-old holds a four goal lead throughout the following top scorer in Willian.

Considering the weight placed on him by the lack of back-up from Loic Remy and Radamel Falcao, Costa has battled on albeit troublesome circumstances. Without the blazing forward’s surge of goals this season, Chelsea would end up in a far more regrettable position than where they right now sit.



Having learnt under the wing of John Terry amid Chelsea’s title winning season in 2014-15, Zouma has made his mark at Stamford Bridge. In spite of as yet being only 21-years-old, the Frenchman is rapidly ascending to one of the best focus backs in the Premier League.

There can be small questioning that his shielding still needs refining yet few Chelsea players have matched him for passion and determination this year. In addition, his menacing 6′ 3″ frame and electric pace has seen him sink into English football easily.

Therefore, Blues fans have a great deal to thank their young safeguard for and they’ll be quick to see him come back from long haul damage. Antonio Conte must guarantee one of the club’s best entertainers in 2015-16, keeps on exceeding expectations into 2016-17.


The wildcard on this rundown comes as youthful Brazilian winger Kenedy. For a 20-year-old to execute as he has done amid his inaugural Premier League campaign ought not go unnoticed and few have possessed the capacity to match him this season.

Chelsea have really revealed a diamond in a player that can grace the left-back position as well as more hostile postings. While still unreliable now and again protectively, his extreme prologue to such a harsh league makes this vastly understandable.

The Blues ought to anticipate what Kenedy may even now have to offer after an amazing introduction campaign. Having been captured for quite recently £6.3 million, he already appears a classic bargain.


Chelsea v Manchester City - Premier League

No curve balls here with Willian demonstrating the nailed on favorite for Chelsea’s Player of the Year award this season. The Brazilian winger has been far and away the club’s best entertainer and not at all like many has reliably maintained this across the months.

With 11 goals notwithstanding his wide position, the 27-year-old’s tally can just be bettered by Costa. Perhaps more amazing however demonstrates the fact that the initial six of which were all scored straightforwardly from free-kicks.

Besides, with six assists the Brazilian has also aided his team mates regularly and his exertion can rarely be faulted. Chelsea must hang onto Willian or face losing the man that guaranteed their 2015-16 season wasn’t as catastrophic as it could easily have been.


The Spanish full-back appears a regular on these rundowns with his famous consistency being unfazed by Chelsea’s anarchic season. Azpilicueta has been a calming impact in the back-four and has kept on demonstrating one of the greatest bargains in late Premier League history.

The 26-year-old has even added a sprinkle of goal scoring to his game in finding the net home and away against West Bromwich Albion. In any case, it demonstrates his savage and calculated protective work that sees Azpilicueta so profoundly regarded at Stamford Bridge.

There ought to be no perplexity as to why he’s garnered a noteworthy 38 appearances this season and has frequently demonstrated the primary name on the team sheet. In case you’re searching for entertainment, Azpilicueta is no Roberto Carlos however he takes care of business albeit in a calm fashion.

While a rundown of Chelsea’s most noticeably awful entertainers this season would have seen more players in the frame, these five anomalies ought to without a doubt be complimented. Supporters ought to be obligated that regardless of their battles, certain individuals from the squad have battled on for the badge.