Tara Reid is ‘happy’ people know Jenny McCarthy’s show exists after their awkward interview

Left: Tara Reid Right: Jenny McCarthy

And sometimes, a tongue can be sharper than a sword.

If you still remember Tara Reid’s interview with Jenny McCarthy, then you probably understand how awkward it was and it seems that the 40-year-old actress will never forget it.

As reported by Daily Mail, the actress has spoken up about the interview on Facebook Live chat. “I’m not really sure what happened there,” she said. “I mean look I’m here to promote Sharknado which is a fun film, and I went in there happy and excited and in good spirits to do an interview with Jenny, I thought it would be fun.”

Unfortunately, Jenny McCarthy then talked more about Reid’s personal life – which she actually has refused to talk about – instead of the Sharknado 4.

However, Tara Reid then joked that she feels happy because now people know McCarthy’s show on Sirius XM radio ‘exists’. “Do you know what at the end of the day I’m happy for Jenny that she wound up getting a radio show that people now know that exists and that’s even on air… good for you Jenny.” Reid said.