Selena Gomez & Charlie Puth pay emotional tribute to Christina Grimmie


Losing someone we love and care about is never easy and this is what Selena Gomez feels when she finds out that her good friend, Christina Grimmie has passed away.

The Hands to Myself singer then paid an emotional tribute to her late friend during her show in Saturday night. Tears fell from her eyes and we can understand that she was really sad by listening to her voice.

The 23-year-old American singer said during the concert, “One thing about Christina and her family is that she holds her faith so closely to her.” She recounted. “And I think it’s not about a religion and it’s not about… good deeds. It’s just that she had faith, and I don’t really understand how this really happened, but I would like to dedicate this next song to her”

She then sang Hillsong’s “Transfiguration” while playing her piano and she then continued singing “Nobody”.

Charlie Puth also showed his tribute during his show by singing See You Again. The singer also said, “I was reading the news last night and heard that my good friend Christina Grimmie was killed, and I want to dedicate this song to her tonight”.