Travelling and Music in Relationship


Music a new dimension to travelling

Music become a part of life from very ancient times. Studying history reveals that music can be found every where, In Greek, Roman, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Persian and in many other cultures. Some of best musical instruments are developed in these cultures. Afghans develop Rabab, which is popular in Pakhtoon culture. Travelling is important part of life and music creates fun and comfort to life.

Travelling is nothing without music, music is the soul of travelling and explorations. I travelled some places in the world, In car to airport, from plane to car or bus again, the only thing I do is to listen music. I don’t felt my journey when I heard music.

The fun part about travelling and music, that binds these two together, is to listen music of country in where your are staying. Which you do not understand, but the voice takes you in a wizard’s spell. This is what I love about travelling, I love Spanish music when I stayed Spain. I swear I understand nothing, but my enjoyment level is at peak. In Indian and Pakistani, I listen to Sufi music, which can literally moves you.

Travelling  is a best enjoyment and music is an international language, which speaks an understandable words which are accepted to everyone. The words of peace and love, the words if they are practiced in life, no one can hate each other.

Most of traveller listen to music in bored part of their journeys, like moving through train, car, bus or by airplane. They listen music while reaching the destinations, they listen music at evening when they got tired, which I practice too.

Nowadays there are so many chances to listen music of respected country because of bars and music clubs in most of the country. I like traditional music, So I never visited a bar in all these travelling but people do.

Some travels are purely done to listen special types of music like Opera Music. So music can’t be neglected.