Munken mountain best for hiking -Norway


Munken, The Beautiful Peak

Munken, beautiful mountain with elevation of 775 meters, not so difficult to reach the top, it will take 3-4 hours.

The main trail to Munken is located in the village of Sørvågen on Moskenesøy. The trail begins on the north side of the lake Sørvågvatnet. There are trails approaching from either side of the lake, but the best parking is on the west side of the lake.

Sørvågen is a beautiful village in the island of Monkenesoy,  it is know for fishing. Great variety of fishes could be found their. People earn most of their money from fishing. One of the known place in entire Norway for best and popular kinds of fishes.


As to reach the top there are two known routes, so hiker can choose which one they like. As this climbing is enjoyable for most of the climbers. But they should take enough amount of water because there is No water of the top or near to the top.

They way to top you will notice that there are maze of trails, zig zags one can love them from top. The trails continues mostly straight for a short distance before turning up bit towards the right as it begins to climb the hill.  If you start to descend too much, you are probably off course.

You will initially arrive on a broad, rocky part of the summit.  The highest point will be a bit off to your right, while a higher, climbing only summit will rise a bit beyond that.  If arriving with poor visibility, be sure not to lose your way, as there are some steep cliffs on the east side.

The summit itself is almost completely covered in rocks and doesn’t really offer any obvious camping locations, but the adventurous camper should be able to find something for the night.  No water available.