Katy Perry’s reaction towards Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom rumors is priceless!!


Some cheating rumors about Orlando Bloom have been spread and it seems like the Roar singer needs to do something.
Yes! Katy Perry is defending her boyfriend and she slammed all the rumors surrounding him.

The Lord of the Rings star was caught spending some cozy night with Bieber’s ex-gilfriend, Selena Gomez in Las Vegas last weekend. Gomez insiders explained that they are just friends and there was nothing special between them.

But still, will people believe it after seeing this picture? Really?


Hold on, fellas! Now you probably start wondering what they were actually doing, but let’s just see how his girlfriend reacts to this rumor.

The blue-eyed singer finally broke her silence. On her official account, she tweeted “Instead of giving energy & eyeballs to dumb conspiracy (emoji) check out how COOL this is” along with the link to a TIME article about her bae.

Ha!! She gave the best reaction someone can give to her lover. Instead of letting the talks consume her, she chose to support her man and shows his best.

And once more, love wins! Well done, Perry!!