Harry Styles on Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris’ split: New songs coming?


Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift have ended their relationship after 15 months together? Does it mean that she will write new songs about him?

We still remember that back in 2012, the American singer and songwriter once dated Harry Styles and when they broke up, the 26-year-old star then wrote song about the One Direction member.

According to HollywoodLife, a source said that the 22-year-old singer is sure that a breakup anthem is coming soon. “Harry’s pretty sure Taylor will have a lot of to write about when it comes to working on her next album. But he’s not quite convinced Taylor and Calvin are done for good.”

However, a source also revealed that Harry was surprised to hear their break-up. “Harry is actually really surprised to hear that Taylor and Calvin split. He never saw that one coming,”

“He assumed they would soon eventually get engaged,” the source added.

Well, none has ever thought they would end this way, especially that both Taylor and Calvin always look in love whenever they were together.