Contradiction: Shane allowed to control RAW even after his pathetic performance


Shane McMahon came back to WWE Raw without precedent for almost seven years in what was one of the biggest shocks of the year, however the resulting story line seems to have confused a hefty portion of the WWE Universe.

Shane made it clear that he needed control of Monday night Raw and incited Vince into making the match amongst him and The Undertaker with both Monday night Raw and the WrestleMania profession of The Undertaker hanging in the balance.

Shane lost the match despite the fact that it was an impressive showing from the previous WWE Champion, which implied that his dreams of controlling the organization where over, yet Vince has still permitted Shane to control the organization, so what was the purpose of the match?


WWE’s ratings were at an unequaled low when Shane was dragged once again into the WWE spotlight and his arrival figured out how to keep them above water for some time. The official statement was that Vince McMahon needed John Cena to face Undertaker at the biggest occasion of the year in Texas, yet when he discovered that the 15 time World Champion wouldn’t be cleared to wrestle, Shane McMahon was called upon.

The additional stipulations were just ways to raise the profile of the match, with numerous fans mindful that WWE could never permit The Undertaker to lose in his home state. Be that as it may, why didn’t Shane leave the organization taking after the match?

It was made evident that Shane was never going to be given the organization when Stephanie and Triple H assumed control and he cleared out to pursue different ventures, does this mean Vince has altered his opinion?


Shane has now been in control of Raw for the past four weeks regardless of the way that he lost his match. The first week was because Vince needed to watch his son come up short, before the second week was put down to fan support and WWE didn’t give a reason during the current weeks episode.

The Authority have been composed out of the show for some time with just Stephanie showing up on last night’s show and Triple H still being AWOL after his WrestleMania title loss.

Stephanie reported that Vince will settle on the decision on who will keep on running the organization at Payback this weekend, which still begs the question of why Shane even confronted The Undertaker of they are at the end of the day giving him the choice?

There is probably in anybody’s psyche that Triple H has made a fantastic showing with regards to in NXT, yet will he and Stephanie be permitted to proceed with their run or will Vince rule for the son he has evidently disowned?