Carpathian Mountains, The Green Pearl of Ukraine


Carpathian Mountains

Carpathian Mountains are considered to be the Green Pearl of Ukraine. It is one of the well known tourist attraction in the country. As its another name is the Green Pearl, people visit the beautiful mountain resort, to enjoy their vacations. The places is known for its natural beauty and freshness. Fresh environment is the major advantage of this hill point.

The Carpathians benefit from having a relatively mild temperature in winter time. Lowest winter temperatures are around -10 C to -15 C (5 F to 14 F). In summer time the weather is agreeably warm. Throughout the year, the Carpathians do get quite a bit of rainfall 800- 1500 mm.


Carpathian is a beautiful places has lakes, rivers, forest, alpine meadows, towns and villages. The place is culturally rich and has a great history. Summer is best time to visit, when all the green has at its peak. Equipped campsites, hikers’ refuges, groomed hiking trails or signs are very rare.

One can get Carpathian by bus and by van. The road to the point has a great panoramic view, which one can only dream for, And for train lovers their is a good news that train came here from any large city of the country. This is very inexpensive and enjoyable journey.

The Carpathians are great for cycling. There is an abundance of automobile roads both paved and unpaved which are suitable for cycling, and it is possible to get to any region of the mountains on your bike some way or another.

Moreover, the nature of the Ukrainian Carpathians and riverbanks is suitable for riding. Traveling by developed routes tourists become acquainted with different districts, way of life and culture of local people that didn’t change much over the last three hundred years’.

For having a better change in once routine, this place has much to offer in very low rates. The best Nature designed view only be found in some places in the world and Carpathians Mountain is one of them.