Bowl Lake The Panoramic Kaghan Valley -Pakistan


The Beauty of Bowl Lake 

In Urdu people called the lake as a “Piyala Jeel“. Piyala means Bowl and Jeel means Lake. So it is clear that the lake is shaped as bowl. It is the worth seeing lake. Specially in summer. The water turns green, due the reflection of blue sky and green mountain all around. It will stun you, you will literally said vow, vow, such mighty beauty.

The Jalkhad, Kaghan Valley

It is located in Jalkhad, Kaghan a beautiful valley of Pakistan. Most of tours attractions places are located in the same valley. As Pakistan is developing day by day, road are in the processes of building. but not completed so this beautiful lake is out of site of modern world, it think it needs to be highlighted.

The Beauty of Piyala Lake

The lake itself invites tourist with its beautiful gestures. There is no In and out of water from the lake. The water is stilled at one place, but so fresh and cold, that no one can touch water with his/her hand for more than a second or two. So much cold, even colder than ice. I bet challenge someone for cold water bucket challenge and then see what is happening.

The road is too dangerous covered with snow, in summer, temperature fall to minus at night. There happen rain frequently due to the height. The bowl lake is at altitude of more than 13000 ft. This place challenges its visitor and one good thing I noticed in Kaghan Valley are the story tellers. You will find many and they will refresh your memories from your childhood when your grandma used to tell stories.

Bad Luck with Me

When I visited the place, I drop my camera on way towards the Bowl Lake, therefore I could clicked any image, but I promise I will bring some good clicks in my next visit, which will be next year. If God wills.