Beauty of “Lofoten” Island -Norway


Lofoten Island Norway

It was like fairy land, totally dominated me, its magic was unbreakable, it beauty was not to be explained in words and its colors were unnamed. When I visit this great land, it really made me speechless.It was Lofoten, hold a very classy beauty. It has many bright sides.

Lofoten is in the county of Nordland, Norway. Lofoten is known for a distinctive scenery with dramatic mountains and peaks, open sea and sheltered bays, beaches and untouched lands. This place is complete package, where you can enjoy all tastes of natural beauty. One can only look and sense the places for many hours. And I bet he will not fade up in doing so. The Lofoten islands are divided into two different parts by a very long mountain Chain, the Lofotveggen.


White sand and turquoise blue water.  Small waves of turquoise blue water wash gently across the white sand while mountain peaks rise into the blue sky above.  Typically the words arctic and beach are not usually mentioned together in the same sentence, however, on the Lofoten islands there are perhaps some of the most spectacular beaches you will ever see.

The water might be a bit on the cold side, though the local kids don’t seem to mind, but you’ll soon find the dramatic settings of most of the beaches more than make up for this.  And on a summer evening as the sun hangs above the sea in the north, there is not much better than a barefoot stroll through the waves or a nice driftwood-fire to bring in the new day.


A best place to enjoy with very beautiful weather, loving environment and great lush beauty the places hold a very special attraction in it self. One must spend some time in it, the memories will be remembered throughout life ,will bring happiness and smile to lips.