Beaches in GOA, India To Visit



Goa is the most popular state located in south western region of India. The most attractive place in entire India famous for its Beaches, Resorts, Picnic spots and total dominant natural view.


Goa is known for its Beaches, so it contributes very large amount in Indian economy, because it attracts people from all over the world.

Talking about Goa weather, top recorded temperature was 31 degree in summer and 19 degree in winter so its a kind of moderate weather. It rains frequently, so it balances the temperature very much.


Goa is best places to visit while visiting India. It is kind of lovers spot. Partying is very common in Goa. Goa has more than 30 stunning beaches.

 Beaches in Goa

  1. Baga Beach

Bage Beach is located in North Goa, one of the most sight-full beach in whole India. It is the center of Tourism attraction. Every year thousands of people from out side India, came here to visit this beautiful beach.

Morning sun rising creates a marvelous view and evening sun set give hope of better next day.


Most of travels are foreigner so dolphin sighting, banana boat riding, parasailing and sun-basking are highly enjoyable at Baga Beach.


2. Calangute Beach

Located in North of Goa, the largest beach in North Goa, distancing 15KM from Panaji. The most visited beach in North Goa. In Winter and Summer large number of locals and foreigners came to visit this beautiful beach.


People came here and enjoys Boating, Bathing and water skiing. Bone Fire at night creates a magical view.


3. Bambolim beach

The pristine Bambolim beach is approximately 7 KM from Panaji. It is in close vicinity of the city center and the Grand Hyatt Hotel, therefore proffering luxurious accommodation facilities. Bambolim beach is clean and tidy and less commercialized.


One can take long walks on the sea shore, enjoying the peaceful and healthy atmosphere. The vegetation, rocks and the palm groves on the shore make the vista extremely alluring. There are also Life guards on the beach so that one can enjoy swimming in the deep waves.

4. Palolem Beach

Placed in Canacona, Goa Palolem beach offers serene and soothing allures. The beauty of the shore lies in it being mostly untampered. People who reside here include fishermen and foreign tourists.


Such is the exquisiteness of this beach that it was featured in The Bourne Supremacy as the Goan home of Jason Bourne (Matt Damon). Each season, bamboo-hut stays and restaurants are opened up by the beach for travellers to get a true experience of the sun, sand and sea.


There are many more beaches in Goa, The list goes over thirty (30).