The Amazing Koekohe Beach(Dragon’s Eggs), New Zealand


The Dragon’s Eggs

Have you seen The Dragon Eggs, No just tuned to The Game of Throne TV Serial, you will see dragons and its eggs. I am just joking but their is a place in the world where you can see many of the dragon eggs. Which makes an amazing scene, a loving one. A play grounds for adults to play kids games. Vow I really enjoyed every thing about that places.

Dragon eggs

The Amazing Koekohe Beach, New Zealand, The Moeraki Boulders are a group of very large spherical “stones”, which peoples called the Dragon eggs. These rocks are found 60 millions years ago. And now they are preserved by the government so that these huge historical important objects remain safe for many thousand years.

Here is a video about The Moeraki Boulders

The road in itself to the site is very beautiful, you will enjoy every minute of your journey. It is scenic place to visit. The boulders are 40 kilometers south from Oamuru. Tourist came here to enjoy the beauty of the beach. At evening cloudy sky the reddish reflection create a magical view, that can be remembered for many months to come. I suggest when you make visit to New Zealand, once go for seeing this extraordinary beach.